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Vault started life in 2012, as a point of sale system designed and built by Joe Bambridge, a UK based web developer and owner-operator of Next Theme Web Design and Digital Marketing

In 2018, Joe added an integrated e-commerce website and Vault CMS was born.

The platform also is widgetized, to make it easy to move the main features around the page, with 2 level pages, meaning each parent page can have as many child pages as you wish, however, child pages cannot have child pages.

Integrated double opt-in newsletter system where you can write the content and subject of your email newsletter, and show your latest products if required, your logo at the top of the email and an unsubscribe link at the bottom, to comply with regulations.

Vault has on-page SEO built-in, to make it easier for Google to rank your website.

Google analytics and reCAPTCHA supported.

The system has Stripe built in for credit/debit card payments.

More features are being added regularly, so we will notify customers of updates prior to installing them.

Vault CMS is built in PHP, using PDO to communicate with a MySQL database.

With no more scouring, the net for plugins, add-ons, and widgets, Vault CMS has all of its functionality built-in. With Vault, a website, blog or e-commerce shop can be assembled in minutes. 

"I am so proud of the platform I have built, and continue to develop. I use it for ALL my latest websites, Including e-commerce (Click here for demo e-commerce), services websites (Click here for demo services), blogs (Click here for sample blog)

Updated: 12-08-2018